Rose de Luxe cream mask

Is it useable if you use mask at your home? This is clear to my article.

The Rose de Luxe ritual is one of my favourite treatment.

I like to get and give also, because this treatment include two massage, one of them a manual lifting massage, and the other massage is happen with rose quartz and rhinestone (this is very special and it helps to you can relax).

Every product is professional from the product family.

After the treatment you feel “aw” when you touch your skin.

This treatment is inspiration by the rose and most of the people like the rose scent.

The rose essential oil is excellent cell-renewal, but in the products this is combinated with the other agent and these helps each other to give better effect.

Which is these agents?

  • marigold extract-this is cell-renewal
  • red clay-this is give minerals to the skin
  • argantree oil-this is the agent bomb! This is good for the sensitive skincare because include fatty acid and oleic acid. Contain the fitosterol   so this is cell-renewal and this is anti-oxidant because the vitamin E.
  • tutsan oil-this is reduce the lymph slump
  • kalaba tree oil- this is very thicket, characteristic smell cell-renewal oil
  • carrot oil-include beta-carotene,this is hydrating and moisturizing.
  • patchouli essential oil-skin tightening

The existence that you can apply the Adrienne Feller Rose de Luxe cream mask after the face srub once a week.

You have to wait 15-20 minute before you remove from your skin amd after you have to use cream or oil,this is hydrate and because this is contain the clay this give minerals to your skin!

This is a real anti-aging mask!

You don’t forget that the product which you use at your home as important as which treatment you get in the beauty salon!