The Autumn style women

Although the last couple of weeks have been pretty warm, autumn has definitely arrived right now.
One day shows us its beauty with its gorgeous colors the other day we experience the cold weather and we feel how close winter is.
I love autumn, the colors, the atmosphere, the strong flavour of the plants of the autumn.
Most hungarian women with brown hair and brown eyes think that they belong to the autumn style,however most of the time it is not actually true.

What is the autumn style woman like?

There are several types. According to most of the descriptions she can be soft,warm and dark.
  • soft, such as Drew Barrymore or Jennifer Aniston
  • warm, red like Julianne Moore or Marcia Cross
  • dark just like Julia Roberts or Eva Longoria
If you are naturally ginger haired you are definitely an autumn style woman.
They have a pale complexion and lot if times they have freckles,but the freckles and the moles always have a warm tone, the red or brown.
Their hair has a red undertone even if they dye it.
The autumn style has her own special lights. Not as grey and murky as the weather instead it’s more like a beautiful autumn with its colorful leaves falling down from the trees.
These are exactly the colors that fit the autumn style women.
The ochre,the amber,the orange, the terracotta,the rusty brown, but at the same time they also look good with the different shades of green, such as emberald,spinach,khaki or olive green, and if they want a lively color that I would recommend a glowing color like coral or russet.
The beautiful jewelry go well with the yellowish skin,for example gold, witch can be yellow or red.
When they do the make-up they should use lively colors so that their “mother earth” energy gets emphasized not only when it comes to clothes but also when it comes their face.
If someone rarely uses make-up she should wear colors of the earth. For example instead of usual black eyeliner and mascara they should use a brown one,so that the result is more soft and blended.