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2018. november 05. hétfő 2018. december 14. péntek

Usually the weekdays rush, and we are also with it. So we create the fast exfoliating treatment for you.

This is a manual mechanic exfoliation treatment,and it’s only 30 minutes.

You pay 3 occasion and we give 4!


  • nicely releases the dead epithelial cells
  • it also cleansing some of the contaminated particles in the pores
  • optically the pores look smaller
  • every skincare product can absorb more
  • the skin will be fresh
  • the wrinkles fade

The treatment steps:

  1. We are cleansing the skin and we use fragrant compress
  2. We do the exfoliation
  3. We remove the exfoliating product
  4. We hydrating ir moisturising your skin.

In order to achieve the best results you should come to our treatments weekly, our special offer is only available like this!

I don’t recommend this treatment if you have got a lot of lesion(for example birthmarks) or sensitive or rosaceous skin.

Price: 9.000 HUF / 1 treatment

4 treatment 27.000 HUF