21 herbal mask – The green mask

This is really effective mask with herbs.

Who for recommended?

Mostly for the sensitive skin.

But on the one hand good for rosacea and calming of red skin and reducing of redness.

On the other hands I recommended after the cleansing, where I remove a lot of pimples, because this mask is perfectly attenaute the redness which is generated of the physical effect.

Why so effective?

Because it contains lot of herbs.

These are the active substance. Of course the commodities neither negligble, because this contain diatomaceous earth and kaolin which are good for the skin.

Let’s see, which herbs are reach all together the healing effect.


  •  Ginger root has got a healing effect.
  •  It contain aromatic essential oils, so this is antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and slows the aging processes.

Ginkgo biloba

  • Leaves include flavonoids and terpenoids
  • Really good vitalizer, oxygen-forming, so increases the metabolism and the circulation.

Big nettle

  • Detoxifying, anti-inflammatory, this tea decoction good for cleansing course
  • It contain formic acid, seritonin, acetylcholine and histamine
  • Anti-inflammatory, deroxifying, cleansing.

Roman chamomile

  • Anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and skin calming
  • The roman chamomile aroma water is good for eye compress if it’s red.
  • It’s include isobutyl and isoamil angelate.

White orphaned nettle

  • It’s interesting that this flower is edible.
  • Stimulate the lymph circulation and anti-inflammatory because it contain lambamid and phenol- carboxylic acid.

Common mallow

  • If you make common mallow tea this softening the skin
  • It contain polysaccharides, flavonoids and tannin compounds
  • Perfect wound healer, it’s drug the althae folium.

Fennel plant and essential oils also can be found in the mask.

  • It has got similar smell with anise because this contain anise aldehyde
  • Activates the female hormones
  • The absinthe alcohol component
  • It has got high essential oil contents


  • This is my favourite magical essential oil beside santal.
  • Already used in the ancient Egypt and now also in the different churches for the religious ceremony.
  • It has got stress relief effect and anti-inflammatory and wound healer.
  • This essential oil contain pinene, myrcene, caryophyllene.


  • This is often applied because it contain saponin.
  • This smell like the anise.
  • The black bear sugar also can find as component.
  • Coumarin contents on account of perfect anti-inflammatory.

Equisetum arvense

  • It has got high silicia content and because of this high silicon content.
  • Increases the skin resilience.

Sweet orange

  • The essential oil abtained from outher shell.
  • It contain orange acid, carotenoid and bitter substance.
  • This is improve the mood, calming the skin ang soul.


  • This has got high bioflavon, C-vitamin and limonane content.
  • Bactericidal and antiviral.

Laurel oil

  • The essential oil abtained from the leaf.
  • Long time ago the warriors got laurel wreath.
  • It’s contain cineol,eucalyptol.
  • Effects:antibacterial,fungucide,painkiller and regulate the sebaceous gland function.

Cistus ladaniferus

  • In the medicine already use long time ago.
  • For the aromatheraphy treatments we take advantage the wrinkle faded effect.

Ylang ylang

  • Maybe this is the most devisive essential oil. Someone consider it pleasant, but someone says that this is old,cheap watering cologne.
  • It has got really sweet flower smell.
  • Aphrodisiac, circulation increase, so it affect for the blood and the lymph system.


  • This essential oil contain chamazulene like the chamomile, this got the beautiful blue color. White lot of people allergic to chamomile, this flower doesn’t cause allergic reaction for many people.
  • Inflammatory, antiseptic.

If you feel that you need this mask you can tell me and I apply.