Red lipstick – The eternal fashion

Nowdays the red lipstick like the red nail polish fashionable again.
It isn’t otherwise at the past, you can see Kleopatra or Marilyn Monroe.
Lot of woman like it,lot of woman thins that this is too strong.
It also toss up the simple black dress,but you have to be worn.

When we go to the make-up store, we can see that have got a lot of shades of the red lipstick.

When choosing a lipstick or just at doing our make up in general it is important to know the undertone of our skin, that can be warm, cool or neutral as well. It is important to know, because then we will be able to choose the right shade.

If you have got warm undertone skin I recommended the orange shades (corall or copper).

 If your skin is porcelaneously pink, which means that it has a cool undertone, you should definately wear something that has a cool tone to it,something a bit bluish or purplish red. Especially if you have ashen hair, it goes amazing with it.

Which same to cherry or plum, you have to use blusher.

f your skin undertone is neutral(this is very rare),you are very lucky because almost every lipstick is good for you.

The Mac Retro Matte product family have got a Ruby Woo lipstick, by certain legend this is the most popular.

Take care of them when you wear red lipstick:

  • hydrating your lip
  • use the lip contour, the edge will be even
  • if you have got a little extra time, you also use blusher,eye liner and foundation

The men think this:

  • too strong
  • the skin will be sallow
  • this is sexy but only remotely
  • some man hates the red lipstick
There are more negative opinion,but my partner like it.
If you don’t choose alone,we help you. 🙂