Molnár Orsolya


Master beautician

I have been interested in female beauty therapy ever since a very young age, and I have been professionally doing it since 2001. I always find something new, something beautiful in it, which helps me to keep my guests fully satisfied through my personalized treatments.

I graduated from the Erzsébet Királyné Technical School, with excellent marks.  I got a diploma at the University of West Hungary, Benedek Elek Pedagogical Department, Practical Trainer Program in 2013, and in the same year a Beauty Therapist Diploma in the PanaromAroma and Beauty Therapy Institute.

In addition to this I attended numerous courses of various companies (permanent makeup, 3D eyelashes, massage courses, permanent eyelash curling, sugar paste hair removal, electrocosmetic continuation trainings, learning various treatment methods) and I listened to many professional’s presentations at beauty shows and conferences.

Since 2001, I engaged in the care of the beauty of women, but much earlier, when i was young, i liked the beautician profession
I always find something new, something beautiful that can contribute to cater my clients needs. The treatments are personalized.

I finished my studies in the Queen Elizabeth Secondary School. I have done an excellent master examination, In 2015 I did a master exam and in 2013 I became a training instructor, also in 2013, I obtained a diploma in Beauty Therapist Panarom Institute .

I continually studying. (makeup tattoos, 3D, 4D eyelashes, massage courses, eyelash lifting,hair removal with sugar, electro cosmetic trainings, various treatment methods to learn), and I listened many specialist’s presentation in conferences.