At the teenage facial treatment I remove the black-, and whiteheads and the pimples and my target that the guests are maintained this skin condicion ás long as possible.

Orsi does cleansing every months for me, she works thoroughly and workmanlikly. My favourite thing that she makes the masks and creams especially for my skin every occasion.

— Csilla Brutóczki
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A lot of teen suffer for the oily skin. They ask me that what is the reason and what helps?

The main reasons:

  1. hormonal fluctuations
  2. stress
  3. mental problems
  4. unhealthy nutrition
  5. use wrong cosmetics

How can we help for the pimples skin?

  • The most important, that we don’t push it out the pimples at home,because these are become infected and will be more and more.
  • We care properly at home. In my opinion very important the thorough skin cleansing,but not all the same! Lot of people use too cleansing effect cleansing product or high alcoholic tonic and these aren’t good because overdried the skin, and it will be unprotected against the external infections, because the drying effect the skin feel that must produce fat,and we can’t reach any improvement.
  • I consider it important to emphasize the healthy nutrition. Who eat crisps and drink cola don’t count beautiful skin. Have to avoid the unhealthy foods and the unneccessary calories. Besides that I recommended,that we try to decrease the milk, sugar and flour consumption. We drink clean water because this is detoxify so cleansing the skin. I recommend that we eat a lot of raw vegetables.
  • Sports! Healthy soul in healthy body!
  • The sport is lifestyle. Affect for the whole body, the hormone household and this help to overcome the stress. It give self-confidence.
  • If you are overweighted you have got more pimples so this is important to pay attention for yourself. I recommend that you find physical activity which you do willingly every day. This is important that you don’t feel monotonous, rather just the game and during we have fun.

I recommend for the oily skin the teenage facial treatment every months.(under 18 age)

On the teenage facial treatment the girls and boys equally can participate.


  1. The skin cleansing(have to clean the face before every facial treatment)
  2. Peeling (remove the dead epithelial cells, and the skin can breathe again
  3. Softening(we use steam for skin softening, and we can remove the pimples easier.
  4. Deep cleansing
  5. Disinfection
  6. Mask(we put calming and contractile mask on the skin)
  7. Hydration

Csilla’s story:

Csilla was my learner at 2013.

In the first picture you can see the then skin condition. The pimples appear despite of the professional photographer and the lot of foundation.

She change her lifestyle for my advice and she use the proper skincare products.

Change the lifestyle isn’t easy thing, but a lot of case repair a lot. She already eat sweets,pastry just sometimes. She bring with herself the prepared in advance food from home every day which is nutritious. She eats vegetables every day.

She uses cleansing product and cream which is good for her skintype. If appear one pimple she use ecsetelő for this area.

We do teenage facial treatment every months,if this day more sensitive her skin than the other days we use peloid mask.

We do deep exfoliating cure in autumn.

She do sports since her childhood, excel at the learning and this give self-confidence so today she live