There is meditative relaxation during the skincare treatments. Physical-soul recreation.

For me the aromatherapy treatment was really pleasant experience ,I totally relaxed from it. Maybe I sleep little bit, which is very rare during the treatments. The warm was comforting for me, and the silent enviroment which you create, allowed that I exclude the outside word and I attention only the smells and the massage. I recommended the treatment for my mother, who also enjoyed it,and I happily recommend for everybody, who want relax while they will be beauty.

— Katalin Kiss
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In today’s rushing world, where everybody want beautiful skin, it’s good that they can relax at the same time.

We can reach totally with the aromatheraphy treatments.

Why aromatheraphy?

  • Because the essential oils affects the skin and the soul, this way available the full relaxation.
  • The essential oils manufactured from plants, so this is totally clean and natural agent.
  • The panarom essential oils which I use perfect quality
  • Beside the essential oils I also use bud- and flower extracts, herb and flowerwaters, clays and I combinated with Adrienne Feller creative cosemtics produdts.

Why wellness treatment?

  • Because this effect for your full body,externally-internally too.
  • The treatment steps differ from the traditional treatments.
  • The beginning of treatments we relaxed the full body and we use scented compress
  • Never forgot the caring of decolletage
  • If someone isn’t come “only” atomatheraphy mini ritual, in this case also complete the relaxation
  • Every step of the treatment give the peace. At the touch we concetrate the top of the head,arms,legs and the back too, beside face,neck and decolletage, so it will be round all over the treatment and at the and we do deduction.
  • It proved that the essential oils also affective by smell, influence our mood.
  • After the treatment we feel that we relax whole weekend, and from this we feel wellness experience.