This is a manual wrinkle removal, where we revise the whole bust, from arms through shoulders to the top of the head, that we feel my skin tighten.

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For those love the manual anti-wrinkle treatments

We use the face muscles almost every second, like the other muscles on our body.

Sometimes we forgot this,but a lot of times this activity cause the wrinkles. We often pull up our eyebrows during the speak or we nictitate because the sün is shining, possibly we laugh a lot(we never forsake this activity) these time every case the muscle using redound the wrinkles formation, so have to relax.

During the biolifting treatment our target is the muscle relaxation with the massage, after this active substance intake.

During the treatment we aren’t affect just for the face, but also for arms,shoulders,decolletage,and the hairy headskin, so the blood and the lymph circulation can rise in almost the whole bust.

You can choose the biolifting treatment like mini ritual or extra ritual with mask or premium ritual plus extra lifting mask for the decolletage.

Steps(extra or premium):

  1. The body relaxation
  2. Fragrant warm compress
  3. Cleansing with the muscle relaxation movements
  4. Peeling
  5. Tonic
  6. Biolifting massage
  7. Nutritious serum
  8. Mask(+hand massage)
  9. Nurising cream
  10. Deduction


  • The muscles can relax
  • Multiply the active substance intake between the cells
  • The mature skin condition will be better
  • Increase the blood circulation
  • Increase the oxygen supply
  • Reduce the stress

During the massage we apply up&up lifting movements, so every movement result the muscle tone augment, and the face will be taut.