According to the saying you have to suffer for beauty, but thanks to sugar paste this is no longer valid .It is an irritation free, organic method that is done on body temperature and with a unique technique.

I am Orsi’s regular hair removal guest from the very beginning. I never had any skin injury, not even on the most sensitive areas, thanks to sugar paste and Orsi’s professionalism. I recommend it to everybody who is still unsure or wants to move on from an unpleasant experience. The pleasant environment, the good atmosphere and professionalism is guaranteed.

— Andrea Lukáts
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By all means it’s sugar paste!

Treatments with sugar paste are less painful, last longer.


  • Sugar paste is fully organic, it is made of sugar and water, which eliminates wax allergy, it is irritation free.
  • It only sticks to the hair, not the skin.
  • Its temperature is the same as that of your body’s, therefore the heat problem is done away with
  • The sugar paste is smeared on the body in the opposite direction to the hair growth, so that it surrounds the follicles. Then it is flicked off in the direction of the hair growth. This method ensures that the hair is not torn in the follicle and its effect last longer.
  • This method thins the hair the most, because with every treatment the hair is exposed to pulling, so the matrix cells are gradually tiring out (these are responsible for hair growth), like with a hair constantly pulled back in a pony tail.


Many people are weary of bikini wax. In my experience sugar paste performs the best in this area, because it is irritation free, doesn’t tear the hair or damages the skin.

It is most hygienic, since we do the treatment on a disinfected surface, wearing rubber gloves to protect our guests.

What is the difference between sugar paste and sugar wax?

The ingredients of sugar wax: wax and a little sugar, as opposed to sugar paste, which contains only sugar and water. Sugar wax is hot, therefore it can damage the skin, it can tear hair, leaves the short hair, and makes the skin sensitive.

Try sugar paste and you’ll never go back to anything else!