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With this treatment you will really look 10 years younger!

What happens during this complex treatment? We put everything to use that is firming, rejuvenating and eliminates wrinkles.

1. First we exfoliate: hidroabrasio – ultrasound peeling (we remove the dead skin cells)
2. PLASMA (cold plasma for your rosacea and your wrinkles )
3. Face lifting (we lift the muscles)
4. As a second step we use a needleless mesotherapy (substance application)



Hidroabrasio – peeling with ultrasound system:

The hidroabrasio machine removes death skin cells without pain.

The advantage, that exfoliate and moisturize the skin.

Benefits of hidroabrasio:

-better skin texture,

-moisturize the skin,

-less wrinkle,

-it cleanses the pores,

-it supplies oxygen to the skin.

Beyond the anti-wrinkles effect, it is recommended for the following skin conditions:

– oily skin
– pigment blemishes
– skin needing detoxification
Detailed description of the steps


The essence of mesotherapy is that it is able to effect on cell level. For this reason it can help us to avoid a trip to the plastic surgeon. It is more effective than a conventional iontophoresis, and its effect is the same as that of the fillings done with needles.

How does the process look like in practice?

– Completely painless
– The utilised electric waves change the polarity of the cells
– Invisible channels open up in the skin, so the substance can be perfectly absorbed in the channels between the cells
– After the treatment the channels close spontaneously
To what skin types is it suitable?

All skin problems can be treated, with the suitable substance.

– Wrinkles can be filled up
– If you have oily skin, the sebum can be regulated, the inflammation decreased
– Spots will fade
– Dehydrated skin will be rehydrated


– the skin will be smoother and vivid
– the cells renew themselves from the nutrients
– the radio frequency stimulates the production of collagens, so the skin will be firm on the long run
Not to use: during pregnancy and breastfeeding, epilepsy, contagious illness, pacemaker, thyroid illnesses, skin infections.


The muscles of the face and the loose skin above them will go back to their original place and regain their original firmness. The skin will be significantly more firm.

As we age, our skin loses its vitality, flexibility. Unfortunately gravity takes over our skin, and it will loosen a bit. With face lifting we are able to painlessly restore the three dimensional contours of the face.


This treatment removes your erythema, and it lightens capillaries on your skin.
Adventage of this treatment:
– We are using active oxygen and nitric oxide .It is helping for the stucked red blood cells devisioning.Increases the stagnant bloods from the capillaries, recovers the capillaries oxygenization and your skin is rejuvenated.